About the project

MACRO CASCADE will prove the concept of the cascading marine macroalgal biorefinery. This is a production platform that covers the whole technological chain for processing sustainable cultivated macroalgae biomass – also known as seaweed –   to highly processed value added products.

Macroalgal biorefinery is capable of processing multiple feedstock, by deploying a range of mechanical, physicochemical and enzymatic pre-processing and fractionation techniques combined with chemical, enzymatic or microbial conversion refinery techniques for generation of a diversity of added value products for industries within food, feed, cosmetics, pharmaceutical and fine chemicals. Furthermore this approach contributes to the “zero waste society” as the left-over residuals from the birorefinery process can be used as fertilizers and/or for bio-energy conversion. The macroalgal biomass will be used for 100%!

MACRO CASCADE will address a large number of important challenges, barriers, and thresholds encountered in previous and ongoing projects related to refining seaweed biomass. Successful conclusion of the project will help substantiate strategic decisions of policy makers, industrial stakeholders and potential investors.

MACRO CASCADE aims to make impact through proof of concept for 2-3 patentable products within market segments of protein feed, human food ingredients and health promoting effects. MACRO CASCADE will also make impact on European entrepreneurship and industry through a “Blue Print” for a marine macroalgal biorefinery with competitive business models that include LCA and socio-economic impact assessment along the whole value chain.

The project partners have deliberately chosen an approach that can be formulated as “Scaling up low hanging fruits!” and thereby go beyond state of the art and bring research to the market through innovation of patentable and competitive processes, products and business models.