MacroCascade Final Conference

1st session: Direct impact on scaling up seaweed cultivation and the pre-treatment industry. Chairperson: Anne Meyer, DTU

“Selective breeding of S. latissima & new seeding technics for Palmaria palmata” by Alexander Ebbing (HOR)

“Mechanical harvesting and seeding” by CEO Ólavur Gregersen (ORF)

“Seasonal variation of value-added components” by Urd G. Bak (ORF)

“Conditioning, pre-treatment and storage” by Søren U. Larsen (DTI)

2nd session – PART I: The innovative biorefinery processes for turning seaweed into a commodity. Chairperson: Ólavur Gregersen, ORF

“Microbial refining of algal biomass for food & feed” by Prof. Anne S. Meyer (DTU)

“Algae-based gut – health promoting animal feed additives” by CEO Jens Legarth (FEX)

“Clinical effect on chronic inflammatory bowel diseases from intake of algae” by Dr. Jan A. Villadsen (SIL)

Virtual tour to the cultivation and production site at Ocean Rainforest in the Faroe Islands

2nd session – PART II: The innovative biorefinery processes for turning seaweed into a commodity Chairperson: Eva Karlsson, LU

“Extraction and separation” by Pauline Harmsen (WR)

“Enzymatic refining for high value products” by Prof. Gudmundur Oli Hreggviðsson (MAT)

Virtual tour of the TNO seaweed processing lab

3rd session: Impact on industrial exploitation incl. social, political &  environmental aspects. Chairperson: Jaap van Hal, TNO

“Techno-economic evaluation of the cascading platform” by Jan Wilco Dijkstra (TNO)

“Upscaling, implementation of biorefinery and identification of market barriers” by Ólavur Gregersen (ORF)

Summarising the day and “helicopter views” by Olavur Gregersen (consortium & stakeholders’ manager)

Final words from BBI project officer Paloma Mallorquin.