15. June 2020

Deliverable 1.1

The first objective category for the MACRO CASCADE Project was to optimize strains of seaweeds to increase levels of target components in S (sugar kelp, kombu) and Palmaria palmata (red seaweed, dulse). The first objective also sought to improve scalable cultivation of seaweeds using 1-D and 2-D cultivation substrates, develop mechanical harvesting, increase biomass yield by a factor of 5, and reduce overall cultivation cost between 50-75%.

Under that broad umbrella, Deliverable 1.1 discussed the best combination of growth characteristics and content of value-added compounds for selected seaweed species. Led by Hortimare – one of the premier seaweed breeding and propagation companies in the world – their team explored selective breeding of S. latissima for yield using hybridized gametophytes.